5223 E Simpson Ferry Road
Mechanicsburg, PA 17050
Atlantic Recording Artist "Halestorm" recently blocked out After 7 Studios to record their soon to be released CD featuring some of their favorite cover songs. Produced by Bobby Huff of Ten Ten Music Group, Halestorm put their own style to some great music from Heart, Beatles, Lady Gaga, Temple of the Dog, Guns N Roses and Skid Row.

From left to right, guitarist Joe Hottinger, engineer Robert Scott Richardson, bassist Josh Smith, producer Bobby Huff, singer Lizzy Hale and drummer Arejay Hale.

Halestorm released "Reanimate" recently and is available for purchase at their shows and from their website. Visit their website Halestormrocks for tour information.
We recently had the honor of working with Zac Brown of the Zac Brown Band. Atlantic Records/Southern Ground Artists, Inc. will release "You Get What You Give", the much anticipated studio album from Best New Artist GRAMMY winners Zac Brown Band on September 21, 2010.

"You Get What You Give" is the follow up to the band's double platinum-certified, major label debut "The Foundation" (Atlantic), which is Billboard's Top 20 albums of 2009 and features the band's first four #1 singles.

Zac needed a facility to record his guitar tracks for the new album while he was out on tour. They searched the area for the best studio and selected After 7 Studios. Pictured to the left is Zac Brown of the Zac Brown Band and Robert Scott Richardson, owner of After 7 Studios.
Hybrid Ice captivated audiences for years with their style and musicianship. And now…they are doing it again. The Pennsylvania-based rock group toured endlessly playing cover songs and originals in clubs and concert halls across the Eastern Third of the United States.

Their 1982 debut album was heralded as nothing short of ‘amazing’ and spawned the hit "Magdelene" which garnered them considerable airplay.A follow-up album entitled "No Rules" was released in 1988. Years later, the national recording group ‘Boston’ re-recorded “Magdelene" and released it on their "Walk On" album. Then in 2000, a British label re-released the 1982 debut album on compact disc. The release and subsequent website fed a hungry fan-base wanting more from the group.

Hybrid Ice recorded and mixed their new "Mind's Eye" CD at After 7 Studios. It was produced and mixed by Robert S Richardson, owner of After 7 Studios. You can find their "Mind's Eye" CD on their website. Visit their website Hybrid Ice four tour information.
Nathan Veshecco brought in some heavy hitters for his "Lady You're Shady" album release. Bernard Purdie and Wilbur Bascomb are a regular who's who in the recording industry. Bernard is best known for the "Purdie Shuffle" and can be heard on the Steely Dan's Aja album. Wilbur is known for his performance on Jeff Beck's "Wired" album.

Nathan was ready to record his first attempt at R&B and with After 7 Studios contacts arranged to bring Bernard and Wilbur in for the sessions. Pre-production work had already been completed but when these two greats showed up it took everything to a different level. Pictured to the right is Wilbur Bascomb, Nathan Veshecco and Bernanrd Purdie.